Learning from each other

Key Performance Indicators for Mission

Understanding how we monitor and evaluate the work of mission and the development of relationship with supporters is vital, but how do we apply good management principles and still live by faith? Click here to join a discussion forum and exchange views and ask questions of other leaders of Christian organisations.

The Message Works Trust held a "by invitation" workshop on the topic of KPIs on Wednesday 23rd September 2009. To indicate your interest in receiving an invitation to the next KPI workshop click here, or if you attended the last one, click here to request the PowerPoint presentations.

First Impressions of Interchristian Fellowships’ Evangelical Mission (IcFEM)

For someone who has never been outside of Europe before, it is a massive culture shock. There is nowhere to hide from the poverty that constantly surrounds you – it simply hits you full in the face. Click here to read more about a life changing experience in Kenya.

Social Networking and Digital Media

Understanding changes in the way people are using social networking sites and digital media to organise their lives and relate to friends and family is vital. Click here to join a discussion forum and exchange views and ask questions of other leaders of Christian organisations.

The Message Works Trust held a "by invitation only" event for mission leaders on 30th September 2009. Attendees click here to request copies of the presentations. To request an invitation to the next event on this topic, click here.

How Christians use the internet – online survey

To participate in our short survey on internet use, please click here. (coming soon)

Supporter Development Research carried out in 2008

In 2008, sixty member organisations of Global Connections completed a survey on their supporter recruitment and development.

Results included:

  • Almost 22% of organisations surveyed have e-mail addresses for less than 10% of their supporters.
  • Almost 50% of organisations spend 10% or less of their promotions budget online.
  • Almost 90% of organisations say 10% or less of their donations are given online.

    Click here to request a copy of this report.

    Your experiences of Facebook

    We welcome your feedback on how Christian organisations use Facebook, Bebo or other social networking sites, so that we can learn from each other about how to make good use of them. Please click here to share your experiences and to find out what others have to say!

    Supporter Recruitment – Survey

    What are your experiences of recruiting supporters? Please click here (coming soon) to take part in our very short survey. Keep an eye out for the results, which will be appearing on this website.

    Recruiting younger supporters

    What has worked for you in recruiting younger supporters? Share your experiences by clicking here.

    Church/Mission Relationship

    If you are a church representative for a Christian organisation click here to join our forum and share your experience or ask a question

    If you are a missions speaker or church missionary coordinator or have a similar role, click here to join our churches forum.

    How does your mission or organisation provide benefit to the churches that you visit? Share your experiences, difficulties and successes with others doing a similar job.

    Print/Production Guidance

    Click here to ask your question and receive support.

    Project planning checklists

    Coming soon

    Global Connections

    The Message Works Trust is a member of Global Connections. They are a UK network of mission agencies, churches, colleges and support services that have a passion for global mission. Global Connections believes that this is best done through working together to support and learn from each other. Click on the logo to go to the Global Connections website to find out more.