Understanding your Supporters

My Generosity Story

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Supporter profiling

Gaining an understanding of your supporters will help build a mutually beneficial relationship, and there are good tools available to help you do this, by generating socio-demographic profiles. Click here to request more information.

Information can only be as good as the data you have captured in the first place. The team at TMW can help you evaluate the quality of your data. Click here for details of how to obtain a free database health check.

Supporter activity trends

  • Is there any trend in the affinity shown by your supporters?
  • Are they giving more or less frequently?
  • Why are people joining your support team?
  • Why are they leaving?

    The trends and activity reporting of The Message Works Trust can help you to answer such questions!

    Click here to find out if you are capturing the right data, to find answers to the important questions that will help to develop relationship with your supporters!

    Relationship with churches

    Many organisations are finding it more and more difficult to generate invitations to speak at church services. What is your experience?

    How does your mission or organisation provide benefit to the churches that you visit? Share your experiences, difficulties and successes with others doing a similar job.

    If you are a missions speaker or church missionary coordinator or have a similar role, click here to join our churches forum.

    Online giving

  • Donors – what is your experience of online giving?
  • Organisations – what is the trend of the support you receive online?

    Our short survey is coming soon

    Key performance indicators (KPI’s)

    How well are you doing in developing your supporter relationships?

    The team at The Message Works Trust has worked with a number of organisations helping them assess the effectiveness of their supporter programme. As a result, we have looked very carefully at the issues of KPI’s, trend indicators and segmentation models.

    To submit your data and request a standard report click here!

    Major donors

    Understanding how to develop relationship with "gifted givers" in a Christian organisation is vital to any mission but often neglected. Check back soon for updates.